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Its All About the Data.

OLR is the most widely used resource
for residential brokerage firms in NYC.

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The OLR Mobile App is a true game changer in the way residential real estate agents conduct their business in New York City.

Whether you're in a cab at a local coffee house or just walking between appointments your best choice in mobile data is the OLR App. The OLR App is available at both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
Website design & development

OLR is the firm of choice for
designing real estate websites.

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Every aspect of OLR's products and services for you.

OLR is a long-standing leader in the field of residential and commercial photography.

Floor Plans
Well, there’s an old expression that states, “If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.”
Virtual Reality Tours
Experience fully immersive Virtual Spaces that feel so real, it’s like being there.

Stand above the competition. Connect with your audience by providing a video walk-through of your new listing.
Email Marketing
Given the cost and the reach, our direct email marketing program is a no brainer if you are trying to promote individual listings, new developments or open houses.
Direct Mailing Postcards
Our Web2Print process is a state-of-art web-based product that allows the user to order direct mailings to any building in NYC.

The OLR data platform...

This proprietary platform is the foundation of our business and has been an industry staple for twenty five years.

However, the platform by itself only tells part of the story. We also provide a seasoned data/research department that processes and maintains the voluminous amounts of information contained within the platform. Information is derived from a myriad of sources and integrates with our platform at multiple layers. We greatly value the integrity of our data and believe that it stands far beyond the data aggregated by other market sources.

Today, more than 12,000 agents in the metropolitan area enjoy subscription access to OLR. We take great pride in our product and our long-standing recognition by the industry as the standard bearer. Our goal today is the same as the day when we envisioned our business model almost twenty five years ago: To provide the local real estate broker with the best set of every day tools possible to compete and grow their business.
Est. 1995. Same principal, same principles.

When we started the company, our goal was to “even the playing field".

As a company, we have never been stronger. We enjoy vast experience in our niche and continue to lead the field with innovative initiatives. Our goal, each and every day, has always been to make our product better and to best serve our client base, whether it’s a large firm or a new single-person agency operating out of a studio apartment.

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We provide you the best listing data in New York City

The OLR Data Platform is the most widely used resource among residential brokers, landlords and management companies in NYC